Friday 26 April 2024

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St Mark | Day of penance

1 Peter 5:5-14. For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord – Psalm 88(89):2-3, 6-7, 16-17. Mark 16:15-20.

Remain steadfast, trust in God’s power

In Mark’s Gospel, the Resurrected Jesus, before ascending to heaven, is commissioning the disciples for their vocation as preachers and healers. The disciples are called to go out into the world and share the good news of Christ’s peace with ‘the whole of creation’. All life and all reality is swept up and into this joyous and generous embrace. What emerges from the text is an emphasis on baptism, life, joy, faithfulness, peace and healing among those earliest, ardent followers of Jesus. The passage from 1 Peter reminds us that the story for the early church was also one of suffering. For communities dealing with this, 1 Peter makes clear that humility, respectful relations between young and old, solidarity, forbearance and resilience are essential. Of greatest importance is to remain steadfast in faith, trusting in God’s power to restore, strengthen and support. The message of peace and love prevails, becoming a message for the whole world. May the ‘signs’ which accompany believers today reveal the heart of Christ’s message of peace and love.

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