Friday 26 July 2019

About Today Readings

Sts Joachim And Anne
Exodus 20:1-17. Psalm 18(19):8-11. Matthew 13:18-23.
Lord, you have the words of everlasting life – Psalm 18(19):8-11
‘Hear the parable of the sower …’

How do I receive the word of God? So that it has no impact? Or so that its impact is forgotten? Or so that it is choked by the rat-race and its thorny ways? Or do I dare to be sweet-smelling, deep, dark soil? Can I be that good humus that, in God’s good time, produces juicy fruits and beautiful flowers?

Humus – that rotting mess of organic scraps – is a source of rich life. And when we read that God humbles himself, we should understand that God becomes, literally, humus. Apparently good for nothing but in its warmth, its receptivity, its self-giving and its honesty, humus turns given seed to abundant harvest.

Lord, I am the soil in which you will plant your word. Send my heart the light of your presence that the seeds may grow. Awake me to the way I am being grounded in love.

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