Friday 27 July 2018

About Today Readings

Day of Penance.

Jeremiah 3:14–17. Jeremiah 31:10–13. Matthew 13:18–23.

The Lord will guard us, like a shepherd guarding his flock. Jeremiah 31:10–13.

‘I shall give you shepherds after my own heart.’

Everything that happens in our life is a kind of parable that tells of God’s presence to, and his will for, each of us.

Understanding comes not from ourselves or from the noisy intervention of others, but rather from the Word speaking alone with us in the solitude of our attentive heart. We need to seek solitude of heart if we desire to be a disciple of Christ.

This solitude is found in a resolute detachment of the heart from earthly things and the freeing of the heart is achieved and measured by dying to self and to self-will.

There we find the rich soil in which we can hear the word and understand it.

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