Friday 27 November 2020

About Today Readings

Day of penance

Apocalypse 20:1-4, 11 – 21:2. Here God lives among his people – Psalm 83(84):3-6, 8. Luke 21:29-33.

‘The kingdom of God is near!’

Today’s readings are so optimistic. The psalm says, ‘My heart and my soul ring out their joy to God, the living God.’ The Gospel Acclamation bids us, ‘Lift up your heads and see …’

Jesus, who always used nature and human living as examples through which to teach, here urges his disciples to notice the tiny buds on the fig tree, and, indeed, to notice ‘every tree’, for signs of good things to come.

Perhaps today could be a good day on which to lift up our heads and see the signs around us of God’s presence—the kingdom of God here and now, in creation, in the unexpected ‘buds’ and in the marvels of human living! Then, may our ‘hearts and souls ring out their joy’ to our ever-present living God.

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