Friday 3 August 2018

About Today Readings

St Dominic. Day of Penance.

Jeremiah 26:1–9. Psalm 68(69):5, 8–10, 14. Matthew 13:54–58.

Lord, in your great love, answer me—Psalm 68(69):5, 8–10, 14.

‘Stand in the court of the Temple of the Lord.’

Jesus the Christ is disguised in full sight of his countrymen. They see him but they do not recognise him for who he truly is.

As with the people of Jesus’ hometown, we are often sceptical.

We have fixed ideas on where religious insight will come from and we dismiss all sorts of people and ideas because they don’t fit our preconceived notions.

What would be our reaction nowadays to a carpenter from Alice Springs or an ex-serviceman from Port Pirie telling people about God?

Could a mere carpenter really be God?

A man who was executed as a criminal?

Let us grow in humility such that we may encounter Jesus in those we meet.

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