Friday 6 October 2023

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St Bruno |Day of penance

Baruch 1:15-22. For the glory of your name, O Lord, deliver us – Psalm 78(79):5, 8-9. Luke 10:13-16.

Let us approach life with discernment

Strange to consider that entire towns saw and heard the living, breathing Jesus and, for whatever reason, they thought, ‘this isn’t for us’. Such apathy overshadows history’s great missed opportunities in our own times, such as recording companies rejecting the Beatles and major publishers rejecting Harry Potter. These towns were full of people like us, spending days and nights seeking the same small pleasures. We’re scared of rejection, while simultaneously rejecting others. These towns had the privilege of proximity to Jesus but rejected him; meanwhile, other towns would have embraced such chances. This passage reveals a moral hierarchy: rejecting enlightenment when offered is worse than never having the opportunity.

What would we have done? Who knows? Like townspeople of Capernaum, we get it wrong sometimes, evident in our own missed opportunities, illuminated by retrospective insight and hindsight bias. Even so, we made our decisions using the best (incomplete) information we had at the time. It calls us to approach life thoughtfully, and with discernment. Let us respond with openness, humility, and a willingness for transformation.


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