Friday 9 June 2017

About Today Readings

(St Ephrem). Day of penance.
Tobit 11:5-17. Psalms 145(146):2, 7-10. Mark 12:35-37.

Praise the Lord, my soul! — Psalms 145(146):2, 7-10.

‘Whoever loves me will keep my word.’

The gospel acclamation uses the phrase ‘my word’ not ‘their word’. It is lovely to get that reminder before we hear the Word of God that, as Christians, we are so bound to the words we are about to hear, and if we love our God we will keep God’s word.

A simple thought, but there is so much of what it means to be a Christian contained in that little phrase.

In so doing, we join in the great hymn of Tobias’ father—’Blessed be God: blessed be God’s name forever.’

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