Friday 9 June 2023

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St Ephrem | Day of penance

Tobit 11:5-17. Praise the Lord, my soul! – Psalm 145(146):2, 7-10. Mark 12:35-37.

God’s universal love

The Old Testament’s The Book of Tobit is like a fantasy novella, and so we are not surprised at the oh-so-happy ending of the son Tobias’ rescue mission which makes up the first reading today. Tobit’s sight is restored, he obtains the money he needed and his son is happily married. We don’t need to point out the recurring theme of fathers-and-sons in the Old and New Testaments; it’s obvious. We must keep in mind that God takes pains to communicate to humans in ways we understand, and the complex relationship of father and son is useful as demonstration and metaphor of divine love – and the pain of the human condition. But then, in today’s Gospel, we find Jesus showing the people that the Messiah is more than simply King David’s natural heir – divine love is more than just natural genetic loyalty, and the Messiah is the embodiment of God’s universal love.

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