Monday 10 July 2017

About Today Readings

Genesis 28:10-22. Psalm 90(91):1-4, 14-15. Matthew 9:18-26.

In you, my God, I place my trust — Psalm 90(91):1-4, 14-15.

‘Your faith has restored you.’

Serving up the Good News in snippets of a few verses can create the impression that the gospels are collections of anecdotes about Jesus. We miss the larger picture the evangelist is at pains to convey.

Matthew’s first discourse, the Sermon on the Mount, fills three chapters. Between it and the next discourse (chapter 10) we have a narrative account with three sets of ‘miracle stories’, three apiece, one of them a double—today’s snippet. Each triad is followed by teaching on discipleship.

The first group of three deal with miraculous cures, the second demonstrate Jesus’ control of superhuman powers, the third emphasises the function of faith in the saving process. While the snippets are food for contemplation, they gain added meaning when seen in the larger context.

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