Monday 10 July 2023

About Today Readings

Genesis 28:10-22. In you, my God, I place my trust – Psalm 90(91):1-4, 14-15. Matthew 9:18-26.

Be sure I am with you

From Jacob in Genesis to a woman in the Gospel of Matthew – faith and trust is rewarded. Jacob’s trust had a few ‘ifs’ in it though – he wasn’t 100% convinced after his dream, however it must have strengthened over time as God’s people were eventually rewarded with God’s son. The haemorrhaging woman’s faith was definite, her ‘if’ singular and her action simple – ‘if I can only touch his cloak I shall be well again’. Jesus’ response was an act of revolution – love and tenderness – a woman who, due to her bleeding, could not have accessed the Temple to practise her faith was rewarded with the opportunity to do so. Her exclusion was overturned by her faith and courage and Jesus’ compassion. Assured of God’s love and trusting in God’s reward for us, our ‘ifs’ become challenges we find the courage to face.

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