Monday 12 February 2024

About Today Readings

James 1:1–11. Be kind to me, Lord, and I shall live – Psalm 118(119):67–68, 71–72, 75–76. Mark 8:11–13.

We can see God everywhere we look

When we are young we often have a contractual relationship with God – one way, of course! Remember the ‘I will do this if you do that’ prayers? As a young person it makes sense. We do something and we get rewarded. It works with our parents, and God loves us even more than them, of course, so . . . As adults we mature but don’t necessarily grow. At times of desperation we are prone to enter into the same bargaining with God.

In today’s reading Jesus teaches us that all that we need is here. If we get sick we need to look for the signs of God’s love – the doctors, nurses and others whose skill and love heal us. When we are grieving we need to encounter the compassion of God in those who grieve with us or hold us up during those times. Life can be hard. There are things that hurt and scare us. Jesus knows how we feel and he tells us we don’t need a sign. We can see God everywhere we look. Don’t let your pain, grief or anger cloud your view.

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