Monday 13 August 2018

About Today Readings

Ezekiel 1:2–5, 24–28. Psalm 148:1–2, 11–14. Matthew 17:22–27.

Heaven and earth are filled with your glory—Psalm 148:1–2, 11–14.

‘High above on the throne was a form with the appearance of a human being.’

Imagining ourselves in the disciples’ place, would we not also be deeply grieved at the approaching death of our friend and Messiah? It would have been difficult to understand what Jesus meant by ‘on the third day he will be raised.’ This offered little consolation.

Jesus understood the disciples and the depth of their sadness. He had drawn them into his life. They had spent every day with him and while they didn’t always understand his teaching they knew they wanted him to be always with them. Their love for Jesus was great but this would not save them from suffering.

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