Monday 13 July 2020

About Today Readings

St Henry II

Isaiah 1:10-17. To the upright I will show the saving power of God – Psalm 49(50):8-9, 16-17, 21, 23. Matthew 10:34 – 11:1.

‘Take your wrongdoing out of my sight’

Isaiah has God commanding ‘Cease to do evil, learn to do good’. From the medical profession’s Hippocratic oath (First do no harm), to Google’s corporate code of conduct (Don’t be evil [2000-2018], now slightly adjusted to ‘Do the right thing’) to Star Trek’s prime directive not to interfere in other societies’ development and governance, humans obviously know what they should do. Equally obvious, however, from the constant iterations of the phrase, we have trouble following God’s clear directive.

As I go about my daily tasks, Lord, I ask for the courage and wisdom to do good, search for justice and help the oppressed.

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