Monday 13 May 2019

About Today Readings


Acts 11:1-18. Psalm 41(42):2-3; 42(43):3-4. John 10:1-10.

My soul is thirsting for the living God – Psalm 41(42):2-3; 42(43):3-4. 

‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’

There is a reminder in today’s gospel of the need to be in relationship with God in order to recognise God’s voice calling us. Jesus said, ‘The sheep hear his voice. They follow because they know his voice. They do not recognise the voice of strangers.’

It is sometimes difficult to hear God’s voice amidst the cacophony of daily life. With news, emails, to-do lists, calendar commitments, and social media, we often feel we need to disconnect from our technology in order to reconnect with God. That is unless we use our technology to support our life of prayer with scripture and our spiritual exercises of reflection on experience.

Today let us spend time in prayer, attending to God’s presence, and listening for the invitation of the Spirit within our hearts. May our souls thirst for God, so that we can recognise God’s voice when he calls.

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