Monday 13 November 2017

About Today Readings

St Stanislaus Kostka.

Wisdom 1:1-7. Psalm 138(139):1-10. Luke 17:1-6.

Guide me, Lord, along the everlasting way — Psalm 138(139):1-10.

The many blessings of children.

In a eulogy at Helen’s funeral, her daughter Lizzie made the comment: ‘It was not until I was twenty that I realised I was not quite as beautiful or as brilliant as my mother always told me.’ Now herself a mother, Lizzie is assured, funny, spontaneous and completely natural. She quipped that she suffers from over-confidence! Laughing and crying, she poured out her gratitude for what Helen, a sole parent, had done for her.

Newspapers seem full of life’s casualties: people whose self-destructive lives seem to be traced back to families where there is little nurture. The cause may be illness or addiction, or an emphasis on success or materialism.

Jesus, you loved and welcomed children. Help us to give children our time and companionship when they are young so that these bonds will be a source of strength throughout their lives.


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