Monday 14 May 2018

About Today Readings

St Matthias.

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26. Psalm 112(113):1-8. John 15:9-17.

The Lord will give him a seat with the leaders of his people—Psalm 112(113):1-8.

You did not choose me: no, I chose you.

Once chosen, there is a job to be done. Then and now, those who are chosen are commissioned to lead others to God the Father through following Jesus’ teaching.

Anyone chosen can fail, just as Judas failed. The love passed down to Judas from the Father through the Son was replaced in Judas’ case by a love of money. For us today, the choice, put simply, is between God and the ‘me society’. Let us pray for the grace to love as Jesus loved and for the strength to remain true to his teachings.

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