Monday 16 November 2020

About Today Readings

St Margaret of Scotland; St Gertrude

Apocalypse 1:1-4; 2:1-5. Those who are victorious I will feed from the tree of life – Psalm 1:1-4, 6. Luke 18:35-43.

What would have you done?

Consuela: I don’t get it, Jesus. You have a crowd hanging on every word, but then you disregard them, and pay attention to a blind, attention-seeking beggar. And worse, you cure him and take away his livelihood and his whole identity. No wonder he went with you!

Jesus: Thanks, Consuela, I did not have your high principles, I’m afraid. I heard his voice, the voice of a human being whom God loved. He was desperate. So, I stopped and asked him what he wanted so urgently. He wanted to see, was convinced I could help him, and so I did what I could. What would you have done?

Consuela: I would have done my duty and walked on with the crowd. If everybody behaved all the time like you, where would we finish up?

Jesus: Where, indeed, Consuela?

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