Monday 21 November 2022

About Today Readings

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Apocalypse 14:1-5. Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face – Psalm 23(24):1-6. Luke 21:1-4.

Love God with all your heart

The Gospel today offers us a glimpse of true discipleship. Give all that you have for the love of others. This challenging insight offers us peace however – what we offer does not have to be expensive. All we are asked to give is what we have been blessed with. Often the cost of discipleship is offering love and service to someone in need. Welcome the stranger. Advocate for the marginalised. Offer the time you have to serve the community. Be like the widow and give what you can. All God asks for is to love him with all of your heart. Everything else will follow.

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