Monday 22 January 2018

About Today Readings

St Vincent Pallioti.

Samuel 5:1-7, 10. Psalm 88(89):20-22, 25-26. Mark 3:22-30.

My faithfulness and love shall be with him—Psalm 88(89):20-22, 25-26.

‘If a household is divided among itself, it cannot last.’

In recent times, we have seen the governments of some nations fall because of deep-seated internal division. So it can be in families: a fractured family is one of the saddest places to be when it should be a place of love and security. And it can be the same for us.

If we find ourselves living a life that is at war with our stated values, there is no inner peace. We are pulled in different directions, between good and evil. Doing the Awareness Examen helps us to review our day, to notice where we have been pulled away from the path on which we really want to travel.

Lord, heal the division within me. Help me to take possession of my house so that I may be free, united and at peace to follow you with an honest heart.

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