Monday 22 January 2024

About Today Readings

St Vincent

2 Samuel 5:1–7, 10. My faithfulness and love shall be with him – Psalm 88(89):20–22, 25–26. Mark 3:22–30.

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand

In the US, today is listed as a day of prayer for the protection of the unborn. The Gospel reading for today talks about how ‘a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand’. It reminds me of what we call in our Catholic communities the ‘seamless garment’ of the ethic of life.

Our concern for the unborn, our concern for the dying, our concern for the poor, and our concern for social injustice are all part of a consistent ethos. If we try to focus only on one issue or neglect a part of it because it seems inconvenient, we become a house divided.

We pray that in our advocacy for justice we remain conscious that all people in our society are precious in God’s eyes. We pray also that our efforts to promote a culture of life be joined with efforts to help mothers and families in need and to ensure access to adequate health care for all.


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