Monday 23 October 2023

About Today Readings

St John of Capistrano

Romans 4:20-25. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, he has come to his people – Luke 1:69-75. Luke 12:13-21.

Watch and be on your guard

Justina: I felt sorry for the guy who was being diddled by his brother, Jesus. Didn’t you come to bring justice into the world?

Jesus: Sure, Justina. His brother certainly shouldn’t have robbed him. But I wasn’t speaking to his brother. This man hadn’t listened to my words – he was so consumed with anger and greed. Fights about property do that to us. They blind our lives to what matters. And when we die, we can’t take our mansions with us.

Justina: True, but we owe it to our family to be financially responsible. Otherwise, we could become homeless.

Jesus: Would that be a huge disaster, Justina? Wrens and porpoises get by without a home. And might it not help us to put our trust in God? Try following me. I don’t have a place to lay my head.

Justina: You’re too good for this world, Jesus. This conversation’s over.

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