Monday 25 December 2023

About Today Readings

Midnight Mass

Isaiah 9:1–7. Today is born our Saviour, Christ the Lord – Psalm 95(96):1–3, 11–13. Titus 2:11–14. Luke 2:1–14.

There is always hope

Luke’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus is born into a family who were as rule-bound as any other. Despite mention of Joseph’s lineage, there’s no status allowing him to demand other guests be thrown out of an inn when it comes time for Mary to give birth. This is a story of humble beginnings setting the scene for Jesus who, born into the world an outsider, would focus loving attention on outsiders. A baby born in an animal’s food trough to become one who will provide nourishment and hope. A child whose birth is announced in a blaze of light and joy to terrified shepherds, as low down on the social order as the tax collectors, lepers and variously unclean folk Jesus comes to gladly minister to. The story of Jesus’ birth encourages us to believe that when an unjust society says there is no room for different, dirty, diseased or displaced people, there is always hope and belonging. We are called to bring the news of this hope and light. The light which shines brightest in the darkest places.

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