Monday 25 September 2023

About Today Readings

Ezra 1:1-6. The Lord has done marvels for us – Psalm 125(126). Luke 8:16-18.

The Spirit is poured out to be shared by all

A lamp’s purpose is to enable us to see in the dark, to give safety and guidance, to create warmth and welcome. So, what indeed is to be gained by keeping a lamp shining under a bed? The lamp once lit is like faith once caught, like love fallen into. It calls to be shared, to be seen and to be a way of seeing. Christian faith and love are tested and grow in the light of fraternity, in the committed effort of relationship. Surely our faith deepens when it is tangibly connected to how we live and to the way we listen to one another and to God? How deeply am I listening and noticing what is visible in the light? At its essence, synodality is a way of listening with openness and ‘the ear of the heart’. Synodality does not thrive on secrets, selfishness and coveted power. The Spirit, symbolised by the light which is cast within us and throughout our world, is poured out to be shared and experienced by all.

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