Monday 26 June 2017

About Today Readings

Genesis 12:1-9. Psalms 32(33):12-13, 18-20, 22. Matthew 7:1-5.

Happy the people the Lord has chosen to be his own — Psalms 32(33):12-13, 18-20, 22.

Bear the burden of another’s failings.

Jesus condemns those who judge, for in making judgements we cut ourselves off from God and God’s love and block the channel of God’s peace. When we can accept ourselves as we are, knowing that is how God loves us, we see that we are walking on the road of the pilgrim church, sharing with all, picking up the stragglers or being picked up, camping on the road, stopping with one who is overcome by grief.

This is a journey of love and empathy, with Jesus and his mother leading us in love and peace.

And when we come to the end, may we be pleasing in his eyes and our journey be fruitful in his love.

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