Monday 26 September 2022

About Today Readings

Ss Cosmas and Damian

Job 1:6-22. Lord, bend your ear and hear my prayer – Psalm 16(17):1-3, 6-7. Luke 9:46-50.

Which of us will be greatest?

‘Who holds rank and power’, we asked.
‘This urchin, playing in the dirt,
With snotty nose. He’s your boss,
The one whom you are called to serve’.

‘Should we stop that chap who goes
Round healing in your name?’ we asked.
‘No, if he heals with open heart
What matter if he wears our badge?

‘Loving Father’, Jesus prayed,
‘Do help these Alpha males to see
That selfless love is the only game
to play for those who bear my name.’

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