Monday 27 February 2017

Mon 27th. Ecclesiasticus 17:24-29. Let the just exult and rejoice in the Lord—Ps 31(32):1-2, 5-7. Mark 10:17-27.


‘Thou art a hiding place for me.’

‘He went away sorrowful because he had great possessions.’

These are some of the saddest words in the gospels as they portray a man with ambitions for a spiritual life but cannot release himself from his love of wealth.

Do we find ourselves torn between the world’s standards and what Jesus is telling us here?

Are we surprised at this difficult choice? Be open with the Lord and trust in his steadfast love to guide us.

It may not be our call to give up everything and go as missionaries to the poor, but we can support those who do so knowing all things are possible with God and that he is our refuge.

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