Monday 28 September 2020

About Today Readings

St Wenceslas; Ss Laurence Ruiz & Cc

Job 1:6-22. Lord, bend your ear and hear my prayer – Psalm 16(17):1-3, 6-7. Luke 9:46-50.

‘The least among you, that is the one who is great’

Job is a model of humility. Many of us try to control God. We believe that if we say our prayers, wear the right medals and behave, God will prevent misfortune from visiting us. We try to hide our vulnerability by cluttering our lives with many unnecessary things. Few of us are free enough to be able to love and praise God when things aren’t going our way.

Lord, we pray for the grace to mirror Job’s spiritual freedom in the face of terrible adversity such that all events, no matter how awful, will also offer us an opportunity to draw closer to God.

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