Monday 5 August 2019

About Today Readings

Numbers 11:14-15. Psalm 80(81):12-17. Matthew 14:13-21.

Sing with joy to God our help – Psalm 80(81):12-17.

‘We have nothing but five loaves and two fish.’

Father, as I contemplate the scene in the wilderness, I feel sympathy for Moses who carried such a heavy burden. At the same time, I feel little sympathy for the people, ungrateful and complaining as they were.

Jesus saw the large crowd and took pity on them. Grant us the generosity to respond to people in their need, rather than to judge them for being needy. When I am impatient with others because of their slowness, their inefficiency, their failures, touch my heart and enable me to see beyond myself and my demands or expectations.

Your Son said, ‘Give them something to eat yourselves.’ Our society places great emphasis on ‘achievement’ and looks with contempt on those who do not make it. Lord Jesus, fill my heart with your Holy Spirit and send me out with compassion for the people I will meet today.

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