Monday 5 June 2023

About Today Readings

St Boniface

Tobit 1:3, 2:1-8. Happy are those who fear the Lord – Psalm 111(112):1-6. Mark 12:1-12.

Building the Kingdom of God

Most often the parables of Jesus are obscure, or at least slightly unclear. They demand we reread the scripture such that we might find new and different things as we come anew to the text. The parable in today’s Gospel seems straightforward, and in some sense it is. Chillingly so. The brutality of our treatment of those who carry the word of God is revealed. Its visceral – seized, killed, threw. The death of Jesus himself is refracted in these words.

At some moments in our lives, we might recognise ourselves in those who do this violence. At other times we might long to be, and see ourselves as able to be, among those who are given the vineyard after the violent tenants are removed. We Christians are all some mix of these. Sinful but seeking to help build the Kingdom of God.

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