Monday 7 August 2017

About Today Readings

St Sixtus II; St Cajetan.

Numbers 11:4‑15. Psalm 80(81):12-17. Matthew 14:13-21.

Sing with joy to God our help — Psalm 80(81):12-17.

In the week approaching the feast of St Mary MacKillop, we look at the life of Australia’s first saint through the lens of the daily Gospel stories. As you contemplate the daily Gospel reading, reflect on Mary’s story, and consider how your own faith journey can be enriched by her example. 



‘Give them something to eat yourselves.’

A central tenet of the life and work of Mary MacKillop was reliance on Divine Providence. Sisters went to live in outback areas. They lived among the people, in the same kind of houses, with the same resources available to everyone. Often the very low school fees were their only source of income.

They subsisted on that and any extra food provided by the people. Sometimes, they went hungry, just as their neighbours did.

In a world ruled by corporatisation, reliance on Divine Providence can be unfashionable. Having reliable streams of income is seen as prudent and a sign of good governance.

Jesus, help me to trust that you care about the poor, that you want me to continue providing shelter and community for them and will help to make it possible.

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