Monday 8 February 2021

About Today Readings

St Jerome Emiliani; St Josephine Bakhita

Genesis 1:1-19. May the Lord be glad in his works – Psalm 103(104):1-2, 5-6, 10, 12, 24, 35. Mark 6:53-56.

God saw that it was good

Today begins the reading of the book of Genesis and the psalm captures the glory of God’s creation. This beautiful account from the Priestly writings, written after the exile, offers an understanding of God that is based on religious observance and loyalty. Each section begins with ‘God said’. Imagine this reading delivered within a liturgy; slowly, dramatically and with the chorus joining in with ‘and God saw that it was good’. Proclaim it out loud yourself! Our respect and care of God’s work of creation has never been so important and in our liturgical and prayer life it needs to strengthen us to really care for this world. The psalm gives us a joyous song of deep gladness that we should know in our souls. No wonder we use both readings to begin the Liturgy of the Word for the Easter Vigil.

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