Monday 9 July 2018

About Today Readings

Sts Leo Ignatius Mangin and Mary Zhu Wu and Companions.

Hosea 2:16–18, 21–22. Psalm 144(145):2–9. Matthew 9:18–26.

The Lord is kind and merciful—Psalm 144(145):2–9.

‘Your faith has made you well.’

Jesus’ healing power was profound. By his mere presence and a touch to his cloak he healed a woman. Soon after, all it took was for him to hold out his hand and a young girl rose from her death bed. It is no wonder that word spread about him throughout the land.

The people knew the words of the prophet Hosea. They were waiting for all things to be made right. Because of Christ, we stand in awe and wonder at the power God has to heal and at the overwhelming love of God for all creation. This is the God we seek daily.

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