Saturday 10 February 2024

About Today Readings

St Scholastica

1 Kings 12:26–32; 13:33–34. Lord, remember us, for the love you bear your people – Psalm 105(106):6–7, 19–22. Mark 8:1–10.

The joy of spiritual conversation

Spiritual conversation could be the theme of today – discussing in depth with another what is meaningful and holy in life. St Scholastica and her brother St Benedict met annually for spiritual conversation, and on one day she did not want to cease the conversation and so prayed to God to enable him to stay. God listened by sending a mighty storm to prevent his travel home. In the Gospel, thousands of people had been with Jesus for three days; one would think they were all heartily engaged in conversation with each other, inspired by Jesus’ teaching – so much so that they didn’t eat. Again, with God’s intervention, a miracle at the hands of Jesus enabled bread and fish to be shared with all, so that the important conversations could continue. I do long for spiritual conversation at times – spending time with scripture, discussing it and seeing what is translated and revealed. St Scholastica, pray for us.

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