Saturday 13 April 2024

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St Martin

Acts 6:1-7. Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you – Psalm 32(33):1-2, 4-5, 18-19. John 6:16-21.

Our Lord walks beside us everywhere and always

‘Do not be afraid’: never be afraid. Our Lord walks beside us, even on the water. The impossible is possible. There is no fear when we hand over our worries to God. When we worry there is a heaviness that oppresses our freedom. Being considered and making wise judgment is important. Rash decisions may rightfully cause concern. But through discernment, a way forward is always made clear, and although there may be difficulty there should be no fear. Regardless of what you are facing, enter into a sound decision-making process, set your course and ‘do not be afraid’ you are not alone.

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