Saturday 15 June 2019

About Today Readings

2 Corinthians 5:14-21. Psalm 102(103):1-4, 4-8, 11-12. Matthew 5:33-37.
The Lord is kind and merciful – Psalm 102(103):1-4, 4-8, 11-12.
‘The love of Christ urges us on.’

There is a theme of forgiveness and reconciliation in today’s readings. Paul reminds us that we have been entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation and he asks us to practise this in our everyday lives.

The psalm is beautiful, and it is worth reading all the verses. How can we not be overwhelmed by a God who casts our faults ‘as far as east is from west’?

Jesus was clear and open in his teaching. He called his disciples – and calls us too – to be authentic, to say yes if we mean yes and no if we mean no. Let us look into our hearts today and seek opportunities to forgive those who have hurt us rather than wait for them to say sorry. May our experience of God’s forgiveness send us out as ambassadors of reconciliation. Ours is a God who loves us first, without any exacting calculations.

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