Saturday 16 December 2023

About Today Readings

Ecclesiasticus 48:1–4, 9–11. Lord, make us turn to you, let us see your face and we shall be saved – Psalm 79(80):2–3, 15–16, 18–19. Matthew 17:10–13.

Let’s turn our faces to God

In today’s readings we are reminded that Jesus comes to offer redemption in every season and that nothing is impossible with him. Salvation comes when we truly turn our face to our God. To follow as a disciple means that sacrifices are necessary, just like John the Baptist. The disciples bring their questions to Jesus to hear what he might have to say. We are reminded that we too can bring every query, question and thought to Jesus, every hour of every day, in prayer, in thanksgiving, in gratitude and praise. Today for many cultures, the tradition of the ‘night Mass’ begins as a Novena to Christmas. It reminds us that the One of Peace is coming soon to redeem the world.

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