Saturday 17 July 2021

About Today Readings

Exodus 12:37-42. His love is everlasting – Ps 135(136):1, 10-15, 23-24. Matthew 12:14-21.

His love is everlasting

The historical account of the Hebrews leaving slavery and servitude in Egypt, following faithfully their belief in God’s love, their trust in God and in who God sent to challenge Pharaoh, contrasted with Jesus’ fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah quietly and without fanfare. Creating discomfort in the hierarchy and leadership by curing people, speaking the truth, showing love and ultimately allowing the outcast to re-join the community. People could not be silent about this, even though Jesus said shhh! Thank goodness ordinary people recognised the way to the Kingdom of God, and did some problem-solving in making bread without yeast! Their trust in God, in Moses and in Jesus, demonstrated a life-giving way of life. In these readings today, we see God’s love across generations, millennia of human living, and in recognising it today in our world, we can appreciate the ‘everlasting’ bit!

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