Saturday 18 May 2024

About Today Readings

St John I

Acts 28:16-20, 30-31. The just will gaze on your face, O Lord – Psalm 10(11):4-5, 7. John 21:20-25.

We are called to live in the light

John’s Gospel has nourished Christian people for centuries. None of us would be able to relate to Jesus in the same way without it. It starts with the statement ‘In the beginning was the word.’ It ends with the lines of today’s reading ‘If all were written down, the world itself, I suppose, would not hold all the books that would have to be written.’ It charts an extraordinary journey from a single word to a whole library of words. So many words that there could never be enough books to contain them. We are among those words, living testimony to all that God is doing in creation. John’s Gospel asks us to let Jesus say, ‘I am’, not so much ‘you are’. It constantly calls us to live in the light and to make a choice against darkness. That choice will confront us today and every day.

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