Saturday 18 November 2023

About Today Readings

Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss Peter and Paul

Wisdom 18:14-16; 19:6-9. Remember the marvels the Lord has done – Psalm 104(105):2-3, 36-37, 42-43. Luke 18:1-8.

God’s justice draws us closer

The parables offer us ways into understanding God, who is beyond understanding. God is not containable by our categories and his mercy confounds us. There are no bounds to his love. As in this parable that Jesus shares with his disciples, God is also just. God will do justice and do it speedily. So we are told. Though for many it may not feel this way.

It’s interesting that the Gospel writer suggests Jesus’ told this parable so that the disciples would be aware of ‘the need to pray continually and never lose heart’. God’ s justice should not frighten us, should not make us feel distant from him. Rather, an awareness of God’s justice can draw us closer to him. It can remind us that we are called to meet him in prayer and hold him in or hearts.

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