Saturday 2 December 2017

About Today Readings

Daniel 7:15-27. Luke 21:34-36.

Give glory and eternal praise to him – Luke 21:34-36.

Advent commences liturgically this evening, and we turn our thoughts to Mary.

As a very young woman, she was called to enter into a great mystery, for which she deemed herself unfit. Let us ponder on her faith and deep trust in her God. On the human level, she entrusted herself to the care of Joseph. Together, they set off on the incredible path which led to the birth of Jesus, our Saviour.

So, we pray, ‘Blessed are you, Mary. Help us to learn from you how to live with faith, trust and love, as we try to become increasingly aware of God’s will for us in our daily lives, and to do whatever he tells us.’

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