Saturday 2 December 2023

About Today Readings

Daniel 7:15–27. Give glory and eternal praise to him – Daniel 3:82–87. Luke 21:34–36.

Reasons to be grateful

Today is the last day of the Church’s liturgical year. Tomorrow, we begin over again, preparing for Christmas and then embarking on Lent and the Easter Season, allowing ourselves to be caught up in the cycle of God’s love. The liturgical seasons remind us of the different ways we encounter the Lord in all the times and places of our lives. Today’s readings are not the most cheerful, speaking as they do of the end time, when we should pray for ‘strength to survive all that is going to happen’. Yet they do offer a springboard into the hope we celebrate in Advent. Perhaps today we can think of all the reasons we have to be grateful since this time last year. It’s the time of year when shops carry little thank-you gifts which people give to teachers and work colleagues. What thank-you gift could we give to God? What words would we write on a card if we could send one to God?

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