Saturday 20 January 2024

About Today Readings

St Fabian; St Sebastian

2 Samuel 1:1–4, 11–12, 17, 19, 23–27. Let us see your face, Lord, and we shall be saved – Psalm 79(80):2–3, 5–7. Mark 3:20–21.

David sets an example of mourning

David’s lament for Saul has always struck me as important. Here David weeps for a man who has made his life a misery for years. Saul, in his increasingly mad jealousy, has repeatedly tried to kill David, his loyal servant, and has deprived him of every station, honour and comfort. David has had to live as a hunted man. Saul is guilty as sin, and David has every ground for outrage, recrimination and protest. Despite this, David repeatedly tried to make peace with Saul, and when learning this opportunity was lost with Saul’s death, weeps. This is a wonderful model of the love of enemy to which we are called. This always comes to mind when public figures celebrate someone’s death, like a notorious terrorist or criminal. God does not desire the death of even the worst sinner, so how can we rejoice? Surely, we must mourn like David.

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