Saturday 23 December 2023

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St John of Kenty

Malachi 3:1–4, 23–24. Lift up your heads and see; your redemption is near at hand – Psalm 24(25):4–5, 8–9, 10, 14. Luke 1:57–66.

He is to be called John

Petra: Mary, I saw you there in the temple with Elizabeth. I felt sorry for you both. Everybody fussed over Elizabeth because she had a child. But when she said his name was John, they ignored her. They wanted to hear it from a man, Zechariah. So humiliating for her!

Mary: This wasn’t all about Elizabeth or me, Petra. It was about our babies, Jesus and John, and what great plans God has for them. When Zechariah agreed that the baby would be called John and regained his voice, the people in the temple were amazed and open to his song of praise. They would never forget John.

Petra: But what about Elizabeth? She was much more than just a mother, wasn’t she?

Mary: Yes, Petra. She was a person whom God loved and gave a central part in our salvation. What could be more important than that? Why not talk to Jesus about it?

Petra: I’ll do that.

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