Saturday 23 September 2017

About Today Readings

St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

1 Timothy 6:13-16. Psalm 99(100). Luke 8:4-15.

Come with joy into the presence of the Lord — Psalm 99(100).

‘Those who have heard the word yield a harvest through their perseverance.’

In talking about a farmer sowing seed, Jesus might have been reflecting on his own experience as a preacher of the Good News.

Sometimes his efforts led to an abundant harvest and at other times to a very meagre return or even a crop failure. His hearers responded in different, even contrary, ways to his words and deeds.

All but one of the Twelve followed him faithfully and eventually died for him; but the other, Judas, was an accessory before the fact to his execution.

One leper returned to thank him; the others did not (Lk 17:11-19).

One thief on Calvary asked Jesus for a place in his heavenly kingdom; the other did not (Lk 23:39-43).

‘Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it’ (Lk 11:28).

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