Saturday 24 August 2019

About Today Readings

St Bartholomew

Apocalypse 21:9-14. Psalm 144(145):10-13, 17-18. John 1:45-51.

Your friends tell the glory of your kingship, Lord – Psalm 144(145):10-13, 17-18.

‘Here is truly an Israelite in whom there is no deceit!’

The story of how Nathanael became a disciple is rich in its understanding of the dimensions of faith in Jesus. Nathanael, believed also to be Bartholomew, is from Cana near Nazareth. The disciples introduce Jesus as the son of Joseph from Nazareth and add that he is the one whose coming was foretold by the law and the prophets. Nathanael is not impressed. He does not have much time for Nazareth. The disciples press him to at least come and see Jesus, so he agrees.

Jesus recognises Nathanael’s integrity, proclaiming him as one without deceit. ‘You are indeed the Son of God’, Nathanael says to Jesus without hesitation. Jesus then tells this man who has no guile that much deeper understandings than this will be revealed to him and the world in due course. The angels of God will ascend and descend on the Son of Man!

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