Saturday 24 December 2022

About Today Readings

Christmas Eve

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14, 16. For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord – Psalm 88(89):2-5, 27, 29. Luke 1:67-79.

Help us take the time to rest in you

When I read Zachariah’s song in the knowledge he was filled with the Holy Spirit, I wish I gave myself more time to quieten my mind enough to feel the movement of the spirit within me. These are beautiful words from a father about his son; full of trust, hope, certainty, proclaiming the work of God and claiming his son with joy. A burst of praise to our beautiful God is a sign that our love and awe are overflowing, they cannot be contained. These experiences are enjoyed through an experience of detachment, a moment of silence and a gathering of grace and peace within us. Glorious God. Help us take the time to rest in you, away from the world, growing in peace and bursting with praise.

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