Saturday 25 February 2017

Sat 25th. Ecclesiasticus 17:1-15. The Lord’s kindness is everlasting to those who fear him—Ps 102(103):13-18. Mark 10:13-16.


The qualities of the kingdom

Watching young children explore their world can be a marvellous sight. Through the eyes of children, the adult once again finds the wonders of creation brought into stark relief. At play with a child, self-consciousness, ambition and the cares of the world can and must be left at the door. The adult is greeted with the purest form of openness and trust.

These are just some of the qualities that God asks of us in growing in our relationship with him. They are the very stuff of which conversion of heart is made of.

The foundress of the Focolare movement, Chiara Lubich recognised this and offered this advice, ‘the child is open to any adventure. So it should be with you. Don’t put any obstacles in the way of your progressive union with Christ, a progress which should continue throughout your whole life’.

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