Saturday 25 February 2023

About Today Readings

Isaiah 58:9-14. Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may be faithful in your sight – Psalm 85(86):1-6. Luke 5:27-32.

Hope for a new life

While Levi must have profited from his tax collecting, he was probably tired of being so despised. After all, money can’t buy happiness. In fact, it can seriously get in the way of true freedom. Perhaps Levi was pondering this when Jesus, the teacher everyone had been talking about, came by and told him to ‘follow me’. Not only does Levi follow Jesus, but he does without taking anything. The future is inviting him to leave the past behind. Jesus’ call has given Levi a sense of joy and dignity which no amount of money can buy. Whatever money he has Levi generously splurges on a party attended by a motley crew of yet more tax collectors and others, probably just as ‘disreputable’. Noses out of joint, the upstanding Pharisees and scribes struggle to understand why Jesus is consorting with the hopeless cases and the socially despised. Jesus – the doctor for the sick, the ‘repairer of the breach’ – is concerned most of all for those who need healing. The lost who need finding. The broken who need to be made whole. These are the people for whom ‘follow me’ offers hope for new life.

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