Saturday 25 May 2024

About Today Readings

St Bede the Venerable; St Gregory VII; St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

James 5:13-20. Let my prayer come like incense before you – Psalm 140(141):1-3, 8. Mark 10:13-16.

Take us into your arms and bless us

I have often thought that looking into the face of a baby is the closest thing to seeing the face of God. Babies are pure little beings and radiate love. We all want the baby to love us, we work hard for a smile and we could gaze at that child for a long time and simply feel love. We do not know this child yet, but we are drawn into its innocent energy of love. Jesus knows this love and he wants us to remain childlike in this way. The vulnerability of the child means it has to trust completely in the certainty of its carer’s love. Jesus is protective of our vulnerability and trust in him also, because he knows how essential this is for us to be at one with him. Jesus, please help us to experience you through the eyes of child-like trust, so that we too, can be taken up into your arms and be blessed by you.

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