Saturday 27 January 2024

About Today Readings

Ss Timothy & Titus; St Angela Merici

2 Samuel 12:1–7, 10–17. Create a clean heart in me, O God – Psalm 50(51):12–17. Mark 4:35–41.

Difficult tasks are achievable with God’s help

In the memorials today we honour three people who were sent by Christ to work in the world. Timothy and Titus receive their instructions through letters to guide them in their leadership of the early church. St Angela Merici was also a leader in her own time, giving her life to teaching the word to girls and young women so that their families could be taught truths of faith in Jesus Christ and lead worthy Christian lives. Luke’s Gospel gives us an instance where the disciples are sent out in twos but with a difficult job description. They are to take no purse, haversack or sandals. They are to accept the first offer of hospitality. Jesus is clear that for those who are called to be apostles in the world, for those who teach and lead communities, the way is difficult but with Christ’s help it is possible. How do our lives compare?


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